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Listing Id : 25081175
Established : 2014


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Niche: Pet Care | Monetization: Amazon Associates

Monthly Revenue: $4,150
Monthly Net Profit: $3,757
Asking Price: $146,537

At a Glance

Site Type

Amazon Associates



Site Age

4 years

Net Profit



Uniques PageViews
Sep 2017 126,441 760,273
Aug 2017 125,893 774,623
Jul 2017 123,246 749,818
Jun 2017 127,954 779,103
May 2017 128,313 827,842
Apr 2017 127,235 776,854
Mar 2017 142,776 900,516
Feb 2017 144,685 833,892
Jan 2017 131,508 824,666
Dec 2016 133,077 817,368
Nov 2016 130,733 792,432
Oct 2016 130,638 742,615


Sep 2017 $5,730
Aug 2017 $3,275
Jul 2017 $3,411
Jun 2017 $3,422
May 2017 $2,748
Apr 2017 $2,433
Mar 2017 $3,189
Feb 2017 $2,744
Jan 2017 $4,438
Dec 2016 $5,084
Nov 2016 $4,899
Oct 2016 $5,110

Seller's Notes

This listing is for an Adsense business created in 2009 in the technology niche. The site features a small, mobile-only site (SaaS) designed to do one thing for their iOS devices. The target market is young adults in the US. All revenue is generated through ads via Adsense. This business has consistent earnings history, nice site age, no work required to maintain at the current level, and is not susceptible to Google algorithm updates.
When the Seller purchased the business in 2016, they initially rebuilt and redesigned it, but haven't touched it since then. It requires no maintenance, no upkeep, no updating and no marketing. In its 9 years of existence, not a single line of code was altered (aside from the preferential overhaul redesign done in Apr of 2016). If the new Buyer is looking to grow the business, SEO/SMM experience would be beneficial. If they're looking to make changes and/or add additional features, some PHP knowledge is required (unless outsourced).
The niche is an unusual, yet highly-desired service - the high "returning visitors" rate is proof of that. Given that the business has continued to grow YOY with zero marketing efforts, as iOS devices continue to grow in numbers, the Seller believes the demand for this service will continue to grow with it.
The Seller feels there is an opportunity here for the buyer to explore viral and social campaigns, working with young social influencers to demo the product to their audiences. Social media has not yet been capitalized on. Another potential avenue would be experimenting with other ad networks and ad types such as native, affiliate, and rewarded ads. The Seller also suggests there may be opportunities in moving to support Android OS and maybe even PC. The service already works on both platforms. It just needs to be marketed (and perhaps slightly rebranded).

Listing Ended

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More details will be available after making a 5% refundable deposit.
This site's deposit has been capped at $9,900 due to its high list price.