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Listing Id : 25081137
Established : 2016


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Niche: General | Monetization: Amazon Associates

Monthly Revenue: $8,274
Monthly Net Profit: $8,104
Asking Price: $226,919

At a Glance

Site Type

Amazon Associates



Site Age

2 years

Net Profit



Uniques PageViews
Sep 2017 18,725 25,821
Aug 2017 21,486 29,719
Jul 2017 29,023 39,460
Jun 2017 27,791 37,054
May 2017 29,018 38,701
Apr 2017 40,181 49,479
Mar 2017 56,147 65,992
Feb 2017 73,396 85,311
Jan 2017 4,081 5,701
Dec 2016 7,554 10,193
Nov 2016 10,727 15,199
Oct 2016 13,326 18,110


Sep 2017 $2,389
Aug 2017 $2,818
Jul 2017 $3,086
Jun 2017 $2,413
May 2017 $2,061
Apr 2017 $2,965
Mar 2017 $5,664
Feb 2017 $9,496
Jan 2017 $137
Dec 2016 $288
Nov 2016 $752
Oct 2016 $963

Seller's Notes

This listing is for an Amazon Associates business created in July 2016 in the general niche, covering the majority of sub-niches found on Amazon. With minimal work required, strong links in place, and a Seller who is willing to go above and beyond to make this site more passive for the new Buyer, this business has tons of potential.
The Seller feels that adding content is the only work that would be required for continuing the site as the SEO and link building are strong and established. The seller is offering to keep writing the articles and adding them to the site at no cost to the buyer until December 2018. The Seller currently has over 1000 articles already mapped out. After that, the Seller would still offer the writing and website management services for a competitive fee.
There are many opportunities for growth since only content has been added and the site is growing. The Buyer could add international Amazon Associates accounts, continue to add content, expand beyond organic into Paid traffic, and start capturing emails. The focus hasn't been on Social Media traffic so accounts were merely put in place as a social signal for search engines.
*The Seller's private PBN was used, and this makes up 3% of the backlinks. Links from the PBN will be kept in place for a monthly fee of $100. This fee has been included in the P&L as an expense.
*The site has had 2 domains 301 redirected to it in order to increase the authority of the site - one in November 2016 and another in August 2017.

Listing Ended

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How can I get more info about this business?

More details will be available after making a 5% refundable deposit.
This site's deposit has been capped at $9,900 due to its high list price.