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Established : 2013


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Niche: Culinary | Monetization: Adsense, Amazon

Monthly Revenue: $30,234
Monthly Net Profit: $7,361
Asking Price: $257,648

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Adsense, Amazon



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5 years

Net Profit



Uniques PageViews
Sep 2017 11,732 24,088
Aug 2017 5,620 12,772
Jul 2017 6,172 13,179
Jun 2017 4,633 12,511
May 2017 2,040 5,433
Apr 2017 2,043 5,206
Mar 2017 2,197 5,363
Feb 2017 1,650 4,308
Jan 2017 19,911 41,459
Dec 2016 10,070 21,958
Nov 2016 9,943 24,659
Oct 2016 26,028 58,193


Sep 2017 $4,324
Aug 2017 $8,738
Jul 2017 $7,629
Jun 2017 $13,698
May 2017 $9,257
Apr 2017 $6,193
Mar 2017 $5,664
Feb 2017 $5,117
Jan 2017 $4,002
Dec 2016 $7,834
Nov 2016 $9,621
Oct 2016 $7,509

Seller's Notes is an ecommerce site created in September 2013 in the culinary niche. It leverages both a popular snack and a subscription based membership where it ships monthly "crates" of craft beef jerky to its subscribers. SumoJerky was originally created by Noah Kagan, creator of AppSumo & SumoMe, as an experiment and sold to one of his students.
That student was able to leverage this business and quit his full-time job, pursuing entrepreneurship full time.
The business curates little-known brands and flavors of beef jerky for their customer base, helping them discover entirely new twists to the snack. The membership ranges from people purchasing the membership for a few months, to some who have been ordering the jerky for over a year.
Currently, the majority of traffic to the listing is coming in from CrateJoy, a marketplace where product subscription boxes are sold. Some Reddit ads have been used successfully in the past as well, which is reflected in the increase in subscribers and the decrease in subscribers once the Reddit ads were shut off due to the seller becoming busy with other projects.
Originally, SumoJerky sustained itself through cold emailing businesses to set up office accounts where businesses would supply their employees specialized jerky snacks to their staff. The seller switched over to the individual consumer market, noticing the trend of beef jerky subscription box services on the rise and has seen an increase in subscribers without the risk of having to give out a large volume of product at heavy discounts to businesses.
In addition to the subscription box product, SumoJerky also has gifting packages. These packages do exceptionally well during Father's Day and Christmas Day where people gift often several months of membership to their loved ones and friends.
The company utilizes email through MailChimp with an email list of 21,000 subscribers with 629 of those subscribers being active membership customers. The downward trend in revenue is currently attributed to zero marketing done in the last 9 months, with the seller doing little else other than maintaining the business as is.
The inventory is handled completely by a 3rd party fulfillment service that specializes in monthly product memberships. The customer service is also currently outsourced to a 3rd party. Because of this, the seller never touches or sees the inventory in person. The seller holds little inventory, primarily to send out to new subscribers before they get onto the normal monthly rotation with the rest of the subscribers.
In addition to the fulfillment center and customer service operations, the seller also has a freelancing VA that does outreach to find new jerky suppliers using a script he has perfected for her. The VA finds 3 new jerkies per month to source and ship them out to the paying subscribers.

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