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Listing Id : 25081116
Established : 2015


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Niche: Pets | Monetization: Service, Adsense

Monthly Revenue: $70,816
Monthly Net Profit: $10,060
Asking Price: $301,798

At a Glance

Site Type

Service, Adsense



Site Age

3 years

Net Profit



Uniques PageViews
Sep 2017 2,327 4,541
Aug 2017 2,501 4,546
Jul 2017 2,414 5,660
Jun 2017 4,417 8,416
May 2017 5,459 9,952
Apr 2017 4,452 7,341
Mar 2017 2,694 5,915
Feb 2017 2,527 6,066
Jan 2017 478 1,564
Dec 2016 383 1,336
Nov 2016 1,131 2,413
Oct 2016 1,848 4,326


Sep 2017 $2,508
Aug 2017 $5,675
Jul 2017 $10,199
Jun 2017 $20,777
May 2017 $26,656
Apr 2017 $21,134
Mar 2017 $2,415
Feb 2017 $6,335
Jan 2017 $1,411
Dec 2016 $5,496
Nov 2016 $19,478
Oct 2016 $5,059

Seller's Notes

This listing is for an ecommerce and Amazon FBA business created in July 2015 in the pets niche. The business sells a selection of pet accessories via Amazon FBA, a Shopify site, and Chewy. The Seller has also just started selling on Wayfair. There are 31 SKUs included with 3 additional ones for products about to be released.
Amazon FBA accounts for the majority of sales. The Seller uses a warehouse to process FBA shipments every 2 weeks. The warehouse also ships inventory to Chewy's fulfillment centers about once every 3 weeks. All but one of the product types listed on the Shopify site are fulfilled via Amazon FBA. The customer service agent fulfills orders for the final product type. A backup freight forwarder also receives containers to send to Amazon and Chewy in case the other forwarder has issues or gets too busy.
As mentioned, there is a customer service agent working for the business. They spend 20 hours per week handling customer service, tracking inventory, fulfilling orders, and stamping inventory with SKU labels before sending to the freight forwarder.
A Facebook page and Instagram profile aren't important to the business but are used for reposting relevant industry content and updates - currently handled by a VA. A small Facebook ad campaign is used to capture some emails. An email list of about 1.2K subscribers receives a weekly email and an automated 11-part email sequence is set up. Once someone signs up for the discount code on Facebook, they're put in the automated sequence for a month.

Listing Ended

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How can I get more info about this business?

More details will be available after making a 5% refundable deposit.
This site's deposit has been capped at $9,900 due to its high list price.