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Listing Id : 25081112
Established : 2011


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Niche: Education | Monetization: Amazon FBA

Monthly Revenue: $11,267
Monthly Net Profit: $10,097
Asking Price: $353,384

At a Glance

Site Type

Amazon FBA



Site Age

7 years

Net Profit



Uniques PageViews
Sep 2017 186,270 254,572
Aug 2017 175,472 242,345
Jul 2017 94,017 127,499
Jun 2017 70,285 93,966
May 2017 97,034 127,605
Apr 2017 72,782 95,577
Mar 2017 76,226 97,181
Feb 2017 114,041 134,503
Jan 2017 87,153 110,555
Dec 2016 103,988 132,073
Nov 2016 114,695 147,969
Oct 2016 119,784 154,485


Sep 2017 $20,253
Aug 2017 $40,631
Jul 2017 $4,505
Jun 2017 $3,449
May 2017 $3,799
Apr 2017 $6,890
Mar 2017 $7,949
Feb 2017 $5,861
Jan 2017 $5,876
Dec 2016 $6,545
Nov 2016 $6,009
Oct 2016 $5,415

Seller's Notes

This listing is for an Amazon Associates, Adsense, and advertising business created in October 2011 in the education niche. The site publishes 20-30 posts per month that cover a variety of topics related to education and learning. The majority of the revenue is earned through Amazon Associates links found in content that reviews/recommends toys and games. Other revenue comes in the form of sponsored content and ads.
All of the key money-making content for the site is outsourced. The site also publishes high-quality content from volunteer guest educators/teachers/experts. When it comes to content, there is little intervention or editing required from the seller. A potential buyer looking to grow the business could scale this content creation even more.
The seller sends out a fortnightly newsletter to it's nearly 2,000 subscriber base. With plenty of content available, this could be turned into a daily newsletter. In addition to the email list, the business also has social media accounts on Twitter (5.6K followers), Facebook (2.1K followers), Google+ (~600 followers), and Pinterest (~650 followers).
Please note that the seller transitioned from using Adsense to Monumetric in May 2017. The seller also recently started experimenting with link-building through a white-hat service. Before this, no effort was spent on link-building.
**Seller has a custom commission rate agreement in place with Amazon in specific categories**

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More details will be available after making a 5% refundable deposit.
This site's deposit has been capped at $9,900 due to its high list price.