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Listing Id : 25081110
Established : 2016


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Niche: Outdoors | Monetization: Other

Monthly Revenue: $42,926
Monthly Net Profit: $12,899
Asking Price: $374,063

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2 years

Net Profit



Uniques PageViews
Sep 2017 12,136 55,285
Aug 2017 11,804 44,499
Jul 2017 54,743 138,564
Jun 2017 78,026 187,487
May 2017 56,499 130,159
Apr 2017 46,726 101,535
Mar 2017 38,889 84,692
Feb 2017 16,812 44,927
Jan 2017 0 0
Dec 2016 10,152 72,397
Nov 2016 13,513 96,912
Oct 2016 15,993 84,134


Sep 2017 $15,519
Aug 2017 $16,341
Jul 2017 $21,630
Jun 2017 $12,418
May 2017 $10,595
Apr 2017 $12,708
Mar 2017 $4,398
Feb 2017 $6,150
Jan 2017 $135
Dec 2016 $9,036
Nov 2016 $9,108
Oct 2016 $7,324

Seller's Notes

This listing is for a 2-site dropshipping business package with sites created in November 2016 and April 2017 in the outdoors niche. Although the sites are both in the same niche, they cater to separate sub-niches. Instagram influencer marketing is responsible for 98% of the sites' traffic and revenue, with Facebook ads bringing in the other 2%. The seller works with a team of 4 VAs to handle the work involved in running the business.
VA #1 handles social media account management, Instagram influencer management, product research, scheduling, and keeping master documents updated.
VA #2 handles order fulfillment.
VA #3 handles email/phone support.
VA#4 handles assistant Instagram manager and email campaigns.
It's up to the new owner whether or not they want to continue using the VAs, although the VAs are 100% willing to continue working with and further educate the new owner on daily processes and routines.There are a lot of valuable assets included in the sale of this business including a Facebook and Instagram account for each of the sites. Since a lot of marketing is done via Instagram, the 2 Instagram accounts for the business have a combined total of over 75,000 followers. Maintaining and building these Instagram accounts is important for organic sales. The Facebook accounts have a combined total of over 3,000 followers.
Each site also includes an email list. There are over 7,000 subscribers on one list and over 1,200 on the other. The seller uses these lists to send out product promotions a couple times a week.
For April, May and June 2017, the business had multiple hot selling products from both stores going simultaneously from the entire network of Instagram influencers. One of the stores caters to more of a summer crowd so the timing of selling related products during those months was spot on. Combining that with a couple of winner products from the second store lead to these higher earning months.
The longevity of these hot selling products with Instagram Influencers last a certain period of time (usually 2-4 months depending on the product). After a break however, reusing the same product and advertisement works just as effective because the Instagram pages have grown with new followers.
During October 2017, the seller and the team slowed down the advertising spend and started mass testing new products to more so setup the incoming months. They have dedicated more time to the business since November in order to push the income level back up.
*To prevent competitors from spying on the sites' top selling products, redirects have been set up. Images and content on both sites cannot be copied/pasted as well.

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How can I get more info about this business?

More details will be available after making a 5% refundable deposit.
This site's deposit has been capped at $9,900 due to its high list price.