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Listing Id : 25081108
Established : 2014


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Niche: Software | Monetization: Amazon FBA

Monthly Revenue: $14,171
Monthly Net Profit: $11,412
Asking Price: $376,608

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Site Type

Amazon FBA



Site Age

4 years

Net Profit



Uniques PageViews
Sep 2017 780 2,140
Aug 2017 701 1,822
Jul 2017 927 4,207
Jun 2017 1,295 4,990
May 2017 835 2,945
Apr 2017 970 3,207
Mar 2017 822 3,105
Feb 2017 724 2,698
Jan 2017 1,073 2,573
Dec 2016 1,012 2,286
Nov 2016 824 2,021
Oct 2016 990 2,857


Sep 2017 $7,453
Aug 2017 $7,795
Jul 2017 $7,726
Jun 2017 $8,253
May 2017 $10,017
Apr 2017 $12,416
Mar 2017 $10,405
Feb 2017 $13,972
Jan 2017 $7,487
Dec 2016 $7,185
Nov 2016 $8,047
Oct 2016 $6,650

Seller's Notes

A SaaS business created in October 2014 for ecommerce stores, this business sells an application to help companies efficiently manage inventory and shipping. The software at the moment can be integrated with all popular ecommerce platforms (Shopify, Amazon FBA, Magento, etc.). This business has a monthly subscription service, allowing a new owner to take over with a residual income that can be increased by decreasing the churn rate while also optimizing the traffic to sales conversion ratio. Currently, the seller walks new customers through the software to help make sure they understand how to use it. There are videos that also explain everything the seller goes over in the call that a customer can watch, but the seller does this to get immediate feedback on the software to continuously improve it. If the new owner does not wish to continue these 20-30 minute walk through calls, it can easily be outsourced using documented standard operating procedures. There are developers that have helped code the software and they are usually communicated with via Slack channels, the new owner can continue working with the established developers if they are wanting to grow the software more. The seller spends on average 3 hours per week with this business:
15 minutes weekly looking over bookkeeping, webmaster tools & analytics
20 minutes daily on weekdays to check emails and follow up with customers to meet customer support expectations
Content that is added monthly, which is written based off customer questionsThere is a YouTube channel involved with this business, while subscribers are low there is some organic traffic that comes to the website from this platform.

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