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Listing Id : 2508188
Established : 2016


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Niche: Cryptocurrency | Monetization: Affiliate, Advertising

Monthly Revenue: $31,320
Monthly Net Profit: $31,119
Asking Price: $1,618,183

At a Glance

Site Type

Affiliate, Advertising



Site Age

2 years

Net Profit



Uniques PageViews
Sep 2017 35,865 50,308
Aug 2017 32,370 45,132
Jul 2017 95,829 137,871
Jun 2017 115,891 168,083
May 2017 76,499 109,426
Apr 2017 104,633 146,301
Mar 2017 105,136 162,954
Feb 2017 159,567 254,999
Jan 2017 14,725 19,912
Dec 2016 25,160 34,154
Nov 2016 39,952 54,649
Oct 2016 30,674 41,669


Sep 2017 $5,351
Aug 2017 $5,417
Jul 2017 $21,537
Jun 2017 $29,447
May 2017 $17,782
Apr 2017 $28,800
Mar 2017 $30,202
Feb 2017 $58,945
Jan 2017 $1,211
Dec 2016 $2,629
Nov 2016 $4,426
Oct 2016 $3,842

Seller's Notes

This listing is for a 3-site affiliate and advertising business package created in January 2016 in the cryptocurrency niche. The sites provide information regarding a high-profile currency, including its various exchanges. Income is generated through affiliate partnerships and insertion orders with the exchanges. Two of the sites are in English, while the third site is a French version of one of the others.
As the French site has proven, there is a huge demand for information outside of the English language. One of the biggest opportunities the new owner may wish to pursue is translating the content into more languages. Other opportunities for growth include adding more content, exploring additional revenue streams, and engaging more with the niche community.
Since August 2017, the seller has used a journalist to write full reviews for site content. Since content creation is being outsourced, the seller is only spending about 8-10 hours per week maintaining the business.
As far as assets, the business includes social media accounts for Facebook and Twitter and an email list that was just recently set up. There are currently about 2,500 subscribers that opted in to the email list in exchange for a free handbook download. No emails have been sent yet.
There are 2 Facebook profiles that have some content on them, with an opportunity for more to be done. The seller remains active daily on the 3 Twitter accounts by tweeting and retweeting relevant articles and announcements.

Listing Ended

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How can I get more info about this business?

More details will be available after making a 5% refundable deposit.
This site's deposit has been capped at $9,900 due to its high list price.