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Listing Id : 25081103
Established : 2015


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Niche: Bed & Bath | Monetization: Affiliate, Advertising, Amazon Associates, Other

Monthly Revenue: $39,075
Monthly Net Profit: $14,258
Asking Price: $456,256

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Site Type

Affiliate, Advertising, Amazon Associates, Other


Affiliate, Advertising, Amazon Associates, Other

Site Age

3 years

Net Profit



Uniques PageViews
Sep 2017 25,649 33,260
Aug 2017 20,065 26,074
Jul 2017 19,644 25,648
Jun 2017 14,650 18,491
May 2017 13,460 17,498
Apr 2017 13,178 17,002
Mar 2017 13,300 17,256
Feb 2017 13,020 17,301
Jan 2017 18,089 24,944
Dec 2016 14,860 169,329
Nov 2016 17,912 23,406
Oct 2016 23,828 31,308


Sep 2017 $15,536
Aug 2017 $10,693
Jul 2017 $10,732
Jun 2017 $12,325
May 2017 $13,477
Apr 2017 $10,023
Mar 2017 $11,616
Feb 2017 $11,302
Jan 2017 $21,982
Dec 2016 $14,490
Nov 2016 $13,336
Oct 2016 $25,584

Seller's Notes

This listing is for an Amazon FBA, ecommerce, Amazon Associates, and Adsense business in the bed & bath niche. This business was created in March 2015 by Spencer Haws from Niche Pursuits. The majority of the revenue comes from the Amazon FBA side of the business that includes 8 product SKUs listed in the US and UK marketplaces. These products are also listed on eBay, Walmart, and a Shopify store on the business' website. The website also features a blog with content related to the products and is additionally monetized via Adsense and the Amazon Associates program.
A new USA Amazon Seller Central account was created in preparation for this sale and all products solely-related to this business (8 SKUs) were moved to this account so it could be included in the sale. It is important to note that the traffic data graph on this listing page is from 3 FBA accounts combined - the original USA account, the new USA account, and the UK account. It's also worth noting that the seller has registered the account with Amazon Brand Registry.
Approximately 90% of the business' product sales come from Amazon, with the rest coming from a combination of eBay, Walmart, and the website. The new owner may wish to diversify the sales channels even more by expanding into other foreign markets or going the retail route.
The existing website's domain is branded to match the Amazon account. The seller wasn't happy with two previously-used domain names, so these are now 301-redirected to the current domain. The site's written content was outsourced in the past, but new content hasn't been added in about 8 months - a possible opportunity for the new owner. Shopify sales along with both the eBay and Walmart sales are all synced to and fulfilled by Amazon.
Buyers with experience in email marketing will be pleased to know that there is already an email list with nearly 7,000 subscribers included in the sale. Social media accounts for Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram will also be included. The social media accounts currently aren't responsible for much traffic to the website, but when combined with the existing email list and a powerful marketing strategy, these could be very valuable for the new owner.

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More details will be available after making a 5% refundable deposit.
This site's deposit has been capped at $9,900 due to its high list price.